DHEA SR (Sustained Release) 10 mg Dietary Supplement - 100 capsules

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  • DHEA deficiency
  • Restore a wide range of "feel good" benefits
  • Improved immunity, energy, and mental function
  • Micronized for enhanced absorption
  • Sustained immunity, energy, and cognitive function

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Product Description

DHEA, the most abundant steroid hormone in the body, is naturally produced by the adrenal glands, brain and gonads. NUTRAscriptives® DHEA-SR is a sustained release formula, which provides the continual release of DHEA to maintain sufficient levels. DHEA-SR is also micronized for enhanced absorption. Weakened immunity, mood imbalances, anxiety, fatigue, increased fat mass, and poor memory function may result from DHEA deficiency. As a vital steroid hormone, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the precursor to other hormones, like testosterone and estrogen. Unfortunately, DHEA production starts to decline in your mid-thirties, leading to a deficiency that can make you feel mentally and physically exhausted. Supplementing with NUTRAscriptives® DHEA-SR can restore a wide range of "feel good" benefits, including improved immunity, energy, and mental function. NUTRAscriptives® DHEA-SR is a micronized, sustained release formula that provides greater absorption and maintains DHEA levels throughout the day. NUTRAscriptives® brand of dietary supplements are formulated by both physicians and pharmacists, as a complete approach to nutritional supplementation, our levels of ingredients are much higher than nearly all other supplement brands. Our goal is to deliver quality products that meet individual needs and produce desired results. Thousands of physicians in the United States and World Wide recommend Nutrascriptive products.