Full Spectrum VITAMIN K2 (by InnovixLabs). Provides two essential forms of K2 (MK-4 + MK-7). Total of 600 mcg of K2 per capsule. Soy-free. 90 Capsules.

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  • Vitamin K2 keeps calcium in bones and teeth and out of arteries and soft tissues. It is essential for heart, kidney, and brain health. *
  • Contains both MK-4 and MK-7 forms of K2. Both are essential and play separate roles in your health. Only MK-4 is found in the brain, fetus, and breast milk. *
  • Contains MK-7 in the only pure and bioactive 'TRANS' form. Most supplements contain a blend of TRANS and CIS forms. CIS MK-7 is not nature-identical (a form not found in nature) and is therefore limited in activity and benefit.
  • Vitamin K2 is rarely found in modern foods. K2 deficiency is extremely common and can occur in as little as a week. K2 is found mostly in animal fats and fermented foods. This product does not contain K1 because your body recycles K1 and deficiencies are extremely rare. Also, unlike K2, K1 does not provide heart health benefits. *
  • Plant-source K2, 100% soy-free. Many K2 products are made from fermented soy.

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Product Description

Full Spectrum VITAMIN K2:

1. Why supplement with Vitamin K2
- K2 is essential in keeping calcium in bones and teeth while keeping calcium out of soft tissues and arteries*
- K2 deficiency is common as K2 is not stored efficiently in the body and is nearly absent in modern diets (Foie gras and Natto are the best sources). Without eating K2-rich foods, deficiency can occur in as little as a week

2. Why you need both MK-4 and MK-7
- MK-4 and MK-7 are distributed differently and activate different proteins in the body, but both are equally essential for good health*
- MK-4 is the key Vitamin K2 found in the brain, it is critical for normal brain functions and health *
- MK-4 travels across the placenta to the developing fetus. MK-7 does not reach the fetus *

3. Trans MK-7 - the absorbable form
- MK-7 comes in two forms - CIS and TRANS. Most supplements are a mix of CIS and TRANS.
- CIS form is not nature-identical and has limited activity/absorption
- TRANS form is found in nature and foods and is recognized and absorbed by the body
- InnovixLabs contains pure TRANS MK-7

4. Vitamin K1-Free formula by design
- The human body recycles K1 so deficiencies are rare in adults
- K1 interferes with blood thinning medications like Coumadin and Warfarin
- Studies reflect an absence of heart health benefit from K1*

5. Small, Easy-to-Swallow pills, Soy-Free K2, and non-GMO.

6. Encapsulated, packaged, and tested in USA. Tested and re-tested by both in-house and third-party labs to guarantee purity and potency.

[*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.]