L-arginine - Muscle Mass - 90 Capsules - Nitric Oxide Booster - Protein Synthesis - Essential Amino Acid - Nutritional Supplement - Lowers Blood Pressure - Gets Results

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  • This supplment offers complex muscle nutrient care for all types of physical or muscular healing. L-Arginine is used to help improve recovery after surgery, lower infection risk, improve wound healing and build muscle.
  • Use as a nutritional aid to help improve blood flow and lower your blood pressure. L-Arginine is also a precursor for nitric oxide, which promotes increased circulation, improves blood flow to the arteries of the heart and reduces chest pain.
  • L-Arginine is necessary for urea metabolism, a process that prepares toxic ammonia for safe excretion by the kidneys. This makes it essential workout tool for muscle growth and aids the safe consumption of high protein levels.
  • Powerful amino acids are a dietary tool to boost healing and muscle growth after surgery or injury. It also increases protein synthesis, maintains even blood sugar levels and works similarly to creatine by increasing your energy.
  • Use of this supplement will give you more smooth muscle relaxation and boost your immune system. It's the perfect way to ensure your body is ready for and recovers from every workout. Read to discover more benefits!

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Use Muscle Mass To Make Those Gains

Calling all gym buffs! The process of building muscle can be dangerous to the body, so make sure you're ready to process all that extra protein before you start to suffer. L Arginine will help you clear the excess by-products that a muscle building diet leaves behind. With Muscle Mass you can synthesize and then metabolize excess protein for maximum progress.

Sleep Like A Baby - Roar Like A Lion

There's nothing worse than losing sleep because you're pumped on supplements! L Arginine will promote better sleeping patterns and increase virility! Plus leg cramping won't cramp your style and better blood flow means more action.

Open Your Heart To Health

L-Arginine is an amino acid that plays the lead role in several important blood vessel pathways. Muscle Mass will help you synthesize proteins, produce the amount of creatine phosphate needed to generate ATP, and increase your synthesis of nitric oxide meaning the blood vessels to your heart can relax open and flow.

Muscle Mass Is A Supplement You Shouldn't Skip

* Assists wound healing
* Helps the kidneys remove waste products
* Maintains hormone function
* Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
* Supports urea metabolism
* Boosts the immune system
* Aids in all waste removal processes
* Improves overall health & wellbeing
* Helps to reduce blood pressure
* Reduces leg cramping
* Improves sexual function

L Arginine Muscle Mass Is Perfect For All Gym Buffs!

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