ON THE GREEN Superfood for Golfers - Best Golf Nutrition. 100% Spirulina Chlorella Energy-blend (1,000 Tablet Golfers-pack). Raw Organic Gluten-free non-GMO. Reduce mental & physical fatigue during a round. Increase focus, endurance and joint flexibility

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  • WORLD'S MOST POTENT SPORT NUTRITION: This compact sport food is the most potent protein, chlorophyll and nucleic acids (RNS/DNA) source on earth plus the carbs, vitamins and minerals you need as a golfer.
  • EASY TO SWALLOW: Tiny potent green Spirulina/Chlorella tablets. Pop a few before your game and every 4-6 holes with a few swigs of water. Instantly replenish the protein and nutrients your body needs while refreshing your drive and focus. No bad aftertaste. Stores easily in pocket or with golf accessories.
  • ORGANIC / RAW COLD-PRESSED: This is a cold-pressed 100% RAW, clean, organic whole food. ON THE GREEN Chlorella/Spirulina tablets contain NO additives, NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO binders, NO coatings, NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO artificial flavors, No sugar, NO corn syrup and NO artificial colors.
  • ONLY THE BEST: We've sourced from Taiwan's Premier Micro-algae Manufacturer. Recognized worldwide for their GMP and HACCP food safety certified environment using the ISO 22000:2005 quality management system. This is your guarantee of a premium quality 100% sun-grown and cultivated micro-algae golf nutrition product.
  • WHY THIS IS THE BEST SUPERFOOD FOR GOLFERS? We use a proprietary, patented cell wall cracking method that preserves nutrients while increasing digestibility (80.1% digestability). ON THE GREEN is grown in fresh water OUTDOORS, so it receives the strengthening effects of sunlight, resulting in high levels of chlorophyll, 60% protein, amino acids, fiber plus bountiful vitamins and minerals.

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Product Description

The Golfer's Secret...

Have you ever had a great round going only to watch it evaporate on the 16th hole? The golfer's secret which prevents this phenomena and allows you to stay focused throughout your game... is ON THE GREEN.

As a golfer, you're aware that the ideal golf swing is one of the most complicated motions in sports. The amount of torque and stress a good swing exerts on your body can result in both mental and physical fatigue. Again, there's a golfer's secret that helps maintain the energy and focus every swing demands... ON THE GREEN.

And whether you are walking and carrying your clubs (which burns 1000 calories per round) or riding in a cart, you can quickly become exhausted and lose that edge you need to win the day. Keep your edge with... ON THE GREEN.

...ON THE GREEN is an Energy-blend of Premium Raw Organic Gluten-free non-GMO Superfood (100% pure Chlorella and Spirulina)
...ON THE GREEN tablets are tiny making it easy to pop a few every 4-6 holes along with water.
...ON THE GREEN is the most potent protein, chlorophyll and nucleic acids (RNS/DNA) source on earth.
...ON THE GREEN contains high levels of chlorophyll, 60% protein, amino acids, fiber plus bountiful vitamins/minerals.
...ON THE GREEN helps support better vision.
...ON THE GREEN helps keep all your joint moving smoothly.
...ON THE GREEN helps maintain a high level of energy and focus. This can reduce the chances of an errant tee shot.
...ON THE GREEN compliments other healthy snacks for the course such as: trail mix, energy bars (Cliff, Odwalla, Balance, Zone, Kind, Luna), pretzels, fruit (fresh or dried), jerky, or fig bars.
...ON THE GREEN is a Golfer's nutritional secret. Avoid those low blood sugar blues caused by not fueling or hydrating properly. ...ON THE GREEN guarantees... to bring out the tiger in your game!