Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, and Toe Drift

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  • SO SIMPLE TO USE Just slip on the toe spreader like a ring for comfort that lasts all day long
  • LIKE A PILLOW FOR YOUR TOES Luxurious silicone prevents toe overlap in the most comfortable way
  • EASE FOOT PAIN Correct misalignment caused by a bunion or toe drift for less friction
  • KEEP YOUR FAVORITE SHOES ON YOUR FEET, NOT IN YOUR CLOSET Toe spreader works with nearly all styles
  • A SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE Toe separator fits all feet; Get 4 in a pack for one low price

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Product Description

Are your feet feeling happy? If you suffer from toe overlap, a bunion or toe drift, it's likely your feet are achy, stiff or suffering from irritation right this very minute. But they don't have to be!

The way to transform painful feet to happy ones is a simple silicone ring--the Tip & Toes Silicone Toe Spreader & Toe Separator. With this easy-to-use foot care solution, you can finally take every step in comfort and complete all of your daily activities free of pain.

Our toe separator is a designed to be worn over the second toe like a ring. Once it's in place, a flexible, supportive silicone pad stays comfortably against your big toe. Instantly, toe overlap problems are corrected, and you don't have to worry about blisters or calluses forming on that sensitive skin between your toes.

Not just a toe spacer for managing toe overlap, this toe separator solves problems associated with a bunion and toe drift, too. With the toe spreader in place, your big toe will stay in proper alignment, helping to keep the sides of your shoes from rubbing on it during the day. Repositioning your big toe with the toe separator stretches the underlying tissue as well, reducing aching and strain.

With its unique design, our toe spreader and separator is a discreet solution for a bunion, toe drift or toe overlap. You can comfortably wear the toe spacer under nearly all types of shoes, so you won't have to leave those dressy men's oxfords or that cute pair of pumps in the closet. The toe spreader is made to fit all feet for easy shopping! One pack of 4 toe spreader rings fits everyone.

Get your feet feeling happy again and start living life to the fullest without the problems of a bunion, toe drift or toe overlap holding you back. Order the Tip & Toes Silicone Toe Spreader & Toe Separator and get four of our durable toe spacer rings for a great low price!