Quicksilver Scientific Vitamin C and R Lipoic Acid Drops with Etheric Delivery Phospholipid Encapsulation System, 1.7 Oz Bottle, Shipped with Ice Pack

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  • Shipped with ice pack for warmer climates
  • Antioxidant scavenges free radicals in the body
  • More Vitamin C is needed during stress, including environmental stress
  • Non-corn based Vitamin C
  • Etheric delivery offers maximum absorption, second only to an IV.

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Product Description

Using Etheric Delivery, Quicksilver Scientific Vitamin C and R-Lipoic Acid can have a higher absorption rate than an IV! Delivers all 1000 mg Vitamin C per teaspoon. The non-corn based Vitamin C (tapioca-source) is essential to any health program. Includes an ice pack, small box, and foam peanuts for warmer temperatures or those that prefer to ship on ice.